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Preventative Care

  1. While most food spills will not harm the surface of hardwood floors, it is advisable to promptly wipe them with a dry or damp cloth or paper towels.  The spill should then be cleaned with a recommended hardwood floor cleaner. We highly recommend Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  2. NEVERS!
    • Never use products such as soaps, detergents and oil soaps to clean your hardwood floor (i.e., Murphy’s Oil Soap, Lestoil).
    • Never use wax or any chemical on the floor.
    • Never use household wood cleaners.
    • Never use petroleum-based cleaners on water-based finishes.
    • Never use a water-based cleaner on wax floors.
    • Never use water-vinegar or ammonia cleaners on waterborne finishes.
  3. Place area rugs or mats at doorways and in front of the kitchen sink to help catch dirt, grit, and water.  Never use rubber- or plastic-backed as it may damage your wood floor.  Solid cotton is highly recommended.
  4. Never use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products for hardwood floor cleaning.
  5. Spiked heels, cleats, and work shoes can be damaging to wood floors.  Even a person of average build with spiked heels can exert 2000 psi when walking. (Oak floors have a resilience of 700 psi). It’s often quite comfortable to wear socks, slippers, and even bare feet while at home.
  6. Humidity control is highly recommended. To reduce excessive shrinkage in the winter, use a humidifier. Air conditioning or a dehumidifier is recommended for the summer.  The relative humidity should be between 35-55%.
  7. To move furniture properly across a hardwood floor it should be picked up, not dragged.
  8. Narrow glides and certain types of casters can damage hardwood floors. We recommend changing to the wide type to help prevent damage.
  9. Felt pad protectors are a must for all furniture legs. This will help prevent scratching and dents in all hardwood floors.
  10. Urethane hardwood floor finishes should not be waxed or polished, unless they are waxed floors.
  11. Keep pet nails trimmed regularly.
  12. Keep potted plants off your wood floor. This will prevent damage-causing moisture/condensation from building up underneath the pots.
  13. Follow a regular recoat schedule. When floors lose their luster, it’s time for a recoat, or a deep cleaning and refresher.
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